general outline and schedule

The primary location for this workshop is UW’s Union South, in two rooms (Northwoods and Industry) on the Third Floor. See Venues for more information about the location, the individual rooms, and assorted other useful details. And don’t forget to go to the Home Page to join our WhatsApp group!

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Day 1: May 20 (Monday)

1:00 PM: Welcome & Workshop Objectives (Industry)

  • Mitchell J. Nathan

  • Michael Swart & Greg Zorko

  • And the Organizing Committee: Martha W. Alibali, Dor Abrahamson, David Landy, Erin Ottmar, Hortensia Soto, Candace Walkington, Caro Williams-Pierce

1:30 PM: Talk Session #1 (Theme: Big Ideas) (Industry)

  • Laurie Edwards - Embodiment & Constructivism: A Meta-Theoretical Critique

  • Dor Abrahamson - Moving Perception Forward in Learning Sciences Discourse

  • Ilona Iłowiecka-Tańska - Learning in The Science Center: Interaction with Hands-On Exhibits to Build Mathematical Concepts

  • Karl Schaffer - A Very Brief Introduction to an Equal Partnership Between Mathematics and Dance

  • Mitchell Nathan - Embodied Meaning & Abstraction in Mathematics: Looming Questions

3:00 PM: Junior Scholars Poster Session & Afternoon Reception (Northwoods)

5:00 PM: Dr. Brian Bottge Keynote Presentation (Industry)

Building Students’ Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge in Engaging Learning Environments. A series of studies over the past 20 years has shown how teachers can uncover and improve the problem-solving skills of their students, including those who are low achieving. The presentation will focus on the tasks that have motivated students to develop a deep understanding of math concepts.

7:00 PM: Working Dinner at the downtown Great Dane

Day 2: May 21 (Tuesday)

8:00 AM: Mathematics Activity and Breakfast

  • Roni Zohar (Northwoods) - Dance/Science

9:00 AM: Talk Session #2 (Theme: Culture, Math for All, Inclusion) with Discussant Art Glenberg (Industry)

  • **Justin Dimmel - The Geometry of Movement: Designing a Gesture-Based Virtual Environment for Making and Transforming Spatial Inscriptions [schedule change]

  • Paul Ginns - Getting the Point: Pointing and Tracing Enhance Learning of Mathematics

  • Hortensia Soto - Body Transformations

  • Roni Zohar - Embodied Learning of Physics Concepts

  • Yanghee Kim - Young Children’s Embodied Interactions with a Humanoid Robot

11:30 AM: Dr. Maxine McKinney de Royston Keynote Presentation & Lunch (Industry)

“I wish I was white”: Political and Ethical Considerations for (Re)Conceptualizing Mathematical Knowing and Doing. Policies and research in mathematics education continue to forward a rhetoric of “mathematics for all”, yet the underlying theories of learning that drive k-12 mathematics remain narrow, racialized constructions of mathematical knowing and doing. This talk will focus on emerging perspectives in the learning sciences that seek to expand the epistemological and ontological premises of human learning and teaching that engage the “how,” “for whom,” and “towards what ends” of mathematical knowing and doing.

1:00 PM: Mathematics Activity and Coffee Service

  • Karl Schaffer (Northwoods) - Dance/Math. Wear comfortable, loose clothing!

  • Justin Dimmel (GEAR Learning at the Educational Sciences Building - see Venues) - a VR environment called Handwaver

2:00 PM: Talk Session #3 (Theme: Technology and Learning Environments) with Discussant Jim Slotta (Industry) 

  • Caro Williams-Pierce - Designing for - and Seeing - Mathematical Play

  • Erin Ottmar - Graspable Math: Integrating Perceptual Learning, Gesture, and Action within Algebra Problem Solving

  • Alik Palatnik - 3D Sketching Approach to Solid Geometry Learning

  • Tyler Marghetis - Doing Math as Design: How Math-Doers Create Their Own Ecosystems for Thinking

  • Ivon Arroyo - Learning Technologies for Embodied Math Learning

5:00 PM: Mathematics Activity and Coffee Service

  • Leah Rosenbaum (Northwoods) - Geometris

  • Rachel Chen and Sofia Tancredi (Industry) - Mathematics Imagery Trainer

6:30 PM: Break

7:00 PM: Working Dinner at Steenbocks on Orchard

Day 3: May 22 (Wednesday)

8:00 AM: Mathematics Activity and Breakfast

  • Hortensia Soto (Northwoods) - Learning by Sliding, Turning, and Flipping

  • Oh Hoon Kwon (Industry) - Chasing Angles for Proof

9:00 AM: Educator-Led Roundtables on Translational Goals (Industry)

  • Jennifer St. John

  • Kelsey Schenck

  • Michael Bowling

  • Elizabeth Dutton

  • Oh Hoon Kwon

10:00 AM: Break

10:30 AM: Talk Session #4 (Theme: Instruction and Gesture) with Facilitator Martha W. Alibali (Industry)

  • Janet Walkoe - Teacher Noticing of Student Thinking as Expressed Through Gesture and Action

  • Martha W. Alibali - Understanding the Role of Teachers’ Gestures in Students’ Learning: Lessons from a Teacher Avatar

  • Susan Wagner Cook - Individual Differences in Learning with Hand Gesture: The Role of Visual-Spatial Working Memory

  • Nicole Engelke Infante - Communicating Calculus: Two Sides of the Equation

  • Caroline Yoon - Metaphor Tangles in an Inverse Problem Calculus Task

  • **Candace Walkington - Collaborative Gestures in a Motion-Capture Geometry Video Game [schedule change]

12:30 PM: Grab a lunch from a local restaurant (see Venues) or the fabulous lunch carts on the Library Mall

  • Pick up a Tax Exempt card from the organizers, and remember to keep your receipt for reimbursement!

1:00 PM: Working Lunch - Synthesis: Working Out a 10-Year Research Agenda (Industry)

  • Facilitator: Mitchell J. Nathan

3:00 PM: Break

3:30 PM: White Paper and Book Project (Industry)

  • Facilitators: Mitchell J. Nathan and Caro Williams-Pierce

5:30 PM: Mathematics Activity and Coffee Service

  • Dor Abrahamson (Northwoods) - Embodied Icosahedra

  • Candace Walkington (Industry) - Hidden Village

7:00 PM: Working Dinner at the classic and beloved UW Memorial Union Terrace!

  • Bring your Tax Exempt card, and keep your receipts for reimbursement!

  • Back-up location in inclement weather is Der Rathskeller (inside the Memorial Union)