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Welcome to EMIC II:

Embodied Mathematical Imagination and Cognition: Professional Development for Undergraduate Mathematics Instructors

To be conducted June 2020 at the University of Northern Colorado

Whereas the lion’s share of efforts in embodied mathematics research has oriented on K-12 students in formal and informal settings, there has been recently increased interest in embodied design research on university students. Indeed, in 2016, the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) released the following statement:

We call on institutions of higher education, mathematics departments and the mathematics faculty, public policy-makers, and funding agencies to invest time and resources to ensure that effective active learning is incorporated into post-secondary mathematics.

EMIC II is an opportunity to bridge research and practice at the collegiate level by introducing faculty to embodied activities and related research as well as providing a space to create their own activities that meet the needs of their own students. We anticipate that these embodied activities will help learners delve deeply into mathematical ideas that are oftentimes obscured by the algorithms and procedures they are taught. This workshop will also allow us to assess the feasibility and success of bridging research and practice related to embodied cognition and design as evidenced by both an increase in number and diversity in the STEM pipeline.



is EMIC II for you?

EMIC II will support all collegiate mathematics faculty and teaching assistants to: (1) become familiar with EMIC research; (2) engage in a variety of EMIC activities; (3) create/build EMIC activities and materials for their own classrooms, including lesson plans and assessment strategies; and (4) seed a national community of practice of EMIC-informed undergraduate mathematics instructors. We envision that these instructors will organize web-based Lesson Study Groups to investigate, improve, document, archive, curate, share, and promote the activities they design and implement.

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